friday at the park


Thank you all for your sweet words last week.

Of course it's normal to feel that was sometimes.  Of course it is.  I wish sometimes that I had an easier time letting myself just feel things.

I wonder what happened to me in my childhood to ruin me like this??


Have a happy Monday!  Or a shitty one!  It's all good.  ;)



  1. HAHAHA! you are funny! I cannot believe Nick is running around a playground!! Super cute! xoxoxoxoxo Will call you tomorrow, to busy studying penile discharge to talk today! Love seester

  2. Gross Annie......
    Very funny Stephanie.......only good and positive things happened to you in your childhood, just ask Dad.
    The pictures are Ruby's pants hahahahahahahahahahaha. mamma

  3. Those are some big bunnies.

  4. I was going to comment on how you made me laugh with the Have a shitty day remark but now I'm laughing even harder at your sisters comment. Your family kills me!!!! :) Yesterday was shitty for me but today was good. I hope you had a good one too.


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