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Today will (hopefully) be the last day I have to drive Patrick to work.  The car might not be done until tomorrow (power steering pump) but I don't need the van for anything tomorrow so he can have it.  He wasn't mad at all that I called the tow truck or even that surprised.  (or, if he was, he didn't let on.)  Like I said, I think he was secretly relieved.  My neighbor sure got a kick out of it.  She said when she looked out and saw the tow truck she just started laughing.  :)  (I had told her about our deal on Wednesday, I think.)

So anyways.  How are all of you?  I hope you all had wonderful weekends and were showered with love and appreciation.  :)

We had a great weekend.  I loved it!  Saturday was awesome.  Sunday was awesome.  Yesterday included lots of time in the yard, planting and digging up, mowing the lawn (do I love this?  No.  I do it for the exercise.), a 2 hour nap, afternoon coffee, talking to my mama for a long time, seeing pickles in his bike helmet for the first time (SO FLIPPIN' CUTE), a delicious lunch made by Patrick, folding laundry and watching TV in our bedroom (alone), and lots of love and homemade goodness from my kids.

Friday, while a long time ago now, is not to be forgotten.  Ruby, Nicholas and I spent 2.5 hours garage sale-ing and had such a nice time!  Thank goodness I brought the double stroller.  We needed it.

Why do I always end up with the beverly hillbillies stroller?  Packed into it were: Ruby, pickles, 3 plants, a toy vacuum, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 vintage paint by numbers, 3 misc. vintage tchotchkes, a large vintage frame (with glass balancing precariously on top), a coffee pot, our baby bjorn and my purse.  Ha!  When I turned around from our last sale and saw this I just started laughing.  :)  We got caught in a little rain storm on the way home but the kids thought it was fun.

I have to go rally the troupes now so we can get out of here on time. 

Have a good Monday, dear ones.  xoxo


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