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I had to show you my new favorite cup. I got it at the dig and it is EXACTLY like some my Gramma had when I was small. Every time I use it/see it, I think of her and her old red gingham kitchen. xoxoxo

Here is my baby who is getting bigger all the time.  A couple of weeks ago I gave him his tiny chopped up banana pieces and sat down next to him with my whole banana.  OH NO YOU DON'T, MAMA!  He clearly let me know that he wanted his just like mine so now he eats them big every morning.  xoxoxo
Pickles slept super late this morning so we are heading out for a bike ride in a few minutes.  I feel happy today.  Here's why:  I totally took those jeans in and they are cute!  I will post pics later.  It is gorgeous and I get to take baby on my bike for the first time.  (Patrick took him on Sunday...he loved it.)  I get to go shopping tomorrow for Ruby's gifts and meet James for lunch at the zoo.  Patrick and I watched American Pickers/Pawn Stars last night and then he tucked me in so sweetly.  (his specialty, tucking in)  The car is fixed!  Our peas are coming up! And best of all?  My sister got ONE HUNDRED on her nursing final exam.  100%!!!  She is such a smarty girl...and finished with her RN!!  Woo Hoo, Seester!  My day would be perfect if I could celebrate with her.



  1. AAW thanks seester!! You are so sweet xoxo


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