how to make metal stamped necklaces

I thought I'd write up a quick how-to post about making those metal stamped necklaces.  This is less of a tutorial and more of me sharing all of the sources I found through a little bit of research (aka googling.)  :)

First of all, you'll need a hard surface to bang on (like a concrete floor or a piece of steel) and all/most of this:

  • Pliers - These make attaching the little jump ring to the stamped charm very easy and are also used for making the charms out of beads.  It was a happy day when I found all the pliers I needed right out in Patrick's tool box.  You can buy them at Jo-Ann's, Menards or here as well.  (or many other places, I am sure.)  
  • Metal Stamping set - I got the metal stamping set at Harbor Freight Tools in Madison but they sell them online, too.  I heard Menards carries these as well.  I have read that some people have trouble with the ones I got not lasting.  If they don't, I might purchase a more expensive set on Amazon.  The ones I have are great for just starting out, I think.
  • Blank Discs - I ordered my blanks on etsy.  Just do a search, there are tons of options available.  If you don't have a metal punch, make sure and order yours pre-punched like I did.
  • Beads, Jump Rings & Bead Findings - I actually had some findings (the long skinny things), jump rings and beads in my craft stuff.  I have dabbled in jewelry making over the years and just kept everything even after my interest faded.  (Hey - I'm a Gemini.  This happens a lot.)  (even though horoscopes are EVIL and from the DEVIL.)  (that was for you, Melissa.  :)  )  ANYWAYS.  I digress.  You can get all the little pretty stuff at Jo-Anns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or online.  Here is one example of a little kit you can buy.
  • Sharpie & Hammer & OH YEAH! Baby Wipes - Oh jeez.  You can get this stuff anywhere but probably in your own junk drawer.  The baby wipes are for wiping the sharpie off the stamped charm at the end.  Q-tips will help too.
Okay!  So you have everything you need!  Excellent.  Now, put your little disc down on your hard surface (if your discs come with a protective layer - leave it on while stamping), place the letter stamp on top of it, hold steady and give it a good whack with your hammer.  Plan on practicing on a charm a few times to see how hard you need to hit it.  I've found my stainless steel discs need one GOOD whack.  If you are unsure, hit it twice but DO NOT move the stamp in between.  Repeat until you have a tiny little adorable charm that you cannot believe you just made!

But you're not done yet!  Now peel off your protective layer (if you have one) and scribble sharpie all over the imprinted letters.  This helps define them.  Let it sit a minute and clean most of it off, it will rub off pretty easily.  Here is a picture of the ones I made yesterday before cleaning them up all the way:

My second A in SADA was not as deep as I would have liked it.  The sharpie helped bring it out some and from a distance I didn't think it was very noticeable.  We'll know for sure when Cheryl gets this.  :)  I did clean it up more after this pic but didn't get it too clean since the marker was really helping.

Now you should have a very cute little charm.  Admire it for a while just as it is.  If you want to add a cute bead/pearl charm to go along with it, you can use this tutorial to help you.  She talks about cutting your wire (she must be a real jewelry maker!) but instead just use one of those findings.  Like she said, it might take you a few tries to get it just right but be patient.  I found that holding the top loop with my pliers and doing the twisting with my fingers worked the best.  Then I pushed it in tight with my needle nose pliers and cut off the excess with my cutting pliers.  This will sound confusing until you try it.  I liked the twisting on my sister's bead charm the best so far:  (beginner's luck)

Please let me know if you make some of these - I'd love to see them.  They, like most crafts, can be kind of addicting.  :) 

All of this being said, if you just don't want to get all the stuff and try it  yourself, I will be happy to make a charm for you, my dear readers!  I will post about this tomorrow, maybe.  I'm not going into business or anything (there is tons of competition) but if you want a simple charm & bead for $10, I'm your girl.



  1. These are so sweet! Micah bought something similar for his gf for Christmas. Had I only known we could make them ourselves!!! ;o) Thanks for the tut!

  2. Thank you, Kathy! Maybe next year he will have a different gf?? Just kidding. :)

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