I love a good list

My plan was to spend one week on 3 different big jobs on my to do list.  I got our garage cleaned out today (my task for week one) so now I can focus on outdoor sewing for

I must stop now and tell you my key for a letter after G is not working.  So I cannot say it is _ot outside, I must say it is warm.  I can not say t_e swingset, I must say our swingset.  It is difficult (not _ard) and annoying to write like I am writing. 

Anyways.  I must get it fixed soon. 

I did get a canopy sewed up for our patio swing but now must do a seat, a more difficult task.

I cannot blog like t_is.  It is so annoying. 

Big score, before I go pout.  I got a Radio Flyer Retro Rocket for Pickles today for .50!  It was 5.50 at a t_rift store and I used a $5 coupon!  super cute.

I _ope your letter _ works.  W_o knew _ow important it is?!



  1. O_ my God I cannot stop _yperventilating because I am laug_ing so _ard!! That is a riot, as are you. Great deal on the Retro Rocket, too!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA (Ok now I am just showing off;)

    What do you do if the word verification has an h in it?

  3. Looks awesome! You should hang up a hammock in the corner. :)

  4. Wait, and I need more details about the thrift score . . . where and what coupon?? :)


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