mr. pickes, the tiny baby bobcat


My tiny little baby pickles is growing up a little and changing a little.

He can really get around now and is not the shy type.  He is a very curious little fellow and loves to explore.  He especially loves cars and trucks and the street.  He hates when his mama redirects him or, GASP, stops him from doing something that he loves.  He shows her (me) this by arching his back and screeching as loud as he can.  He does this because he cannot yet say, "Mama, please stop."  He is like a tiny baby bobcat now, sometimes.

A tiny baby bobcat that, along with his new independence, has a renewed interest in breastfeeding.  A tiny baby bobcat that his mama (me) needs to put to her (my) breast 4-5 times a day.

The tiny baby bobcat is smart because this provides his mama (me) more oxytocin and prevents her (me) from growling and snarling at him all day long.  It may even allow her to eat more snacks.  Mamas do like more snacks.

The end.


(p.s.  I know this is a very weird post but when I sat down to write, this is what came out.  I am going to bed now.  xo)


  1. I love it.
    Love the post - the weirder, the better.
    I remember my tiny little bobcat.
    Wait, I still have one!
    (not the breastfeeding thing anymore - THAT would be weird at age 5, but pretty much everything else)

    p.s. I have yet to wrap my head around your fantastic how-to post to make those necklaces yet. I am so impressed but it seems a bit overwhelming to me. I'd LOVE to pay you to make one for me. Let me think more about it and get back to you. I just don't want the offer to expire too soon! :)

  2. I Love this post. It cracked me up, and I think you are right, your tiny baby bobcat is very clever! seester
    PS it is 7:42 and mom is still in bed. xoxo


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