number 5

Ruby chasing her buddy:
After the party:
The birthday girls:
Telling them about the pinata plan:  (Kelly is a teacher and took such excellent control of the crowd!  Wendy and I were quite impressed.  :)  )

A t-shirt I made Ruby after Andrea told me how much she loved the 5 shirt Auntie Kristy gave her for her 5th birthday:  (and I totally remember that shirt!)
With her gifts and chocolate shake:*  (see story below)
James giving it his best:
Standard birthday procedure:
Ruby, getting ready:
my little birthday girl:

2 friends and I decided to have our girls share one big party (their birthdays are either close/on the same day as Ruby's) and it was so much fun!  We split the responsibilities and the cost and I think all the girls (and guests) had a good time.  

Ruby's actual birthday was the next day so we had some fun stuff planned that day, too.  We took her to pick out a new bike and a couple of goldfish!  She was so excited.  The goldfish were from Gramma Sue and she is saving her birthday money from Gramma Kris to buy more fish/a bigger tank if these ones make it.  :)  We also ate lunch at Noodles (her choice) and got a vanilla milk at Starbucks.  Oh yeah, she named the fish Shotgun and Bomb.  (sigh.)  (that's my girl.)

*The chocolate shake story.  One day last winter I let Ruby get a strawberry shake from McDonald's when her and I were going to Target.  She had never had a shake from a place before and was literally moaning in the backseat over how delicious it was.  She said all she wanted for her birthday was a chocolate shake.  (the other flavor that looked good to her.)  Because of James' allergies we never get ice cream treats out so this was a BIG deal to her. 

On the way home from her party last Saturday I was starving and decided to get a chicken snack wrap from McDonalds.  Ruby asked if she could have a shake (I was planning on getting her one the next day at some point when James wasn't around) and I said I wasn't wouldn't be fair to James.  James said, "She can have one!  It's her birthday."  I thought that was so sweet (and that he was right but it would have made me feel so sad to make that call.)  When we got there he said, "Maybe I could have a Dr. Pepper for a treat?"  :)  We never let him get pop to drink so I let him and they were both happy. 

To make myself a little teary, here is Ruby at One, Two, Three, and Four.  She has really grown up on this blog, hasn't she?



  1. I love the pictures honey....I'm sure they all had such a good time. The shirt is great, too. Would you believe that I still have Annie's #5 shirt?? Yup, I do :). Love you all...thanks for the pictures. xo mama

  2. Looks like she had a great time! That was a good idea! She is so cute, I love her shirt too! xoxoxoxo seester


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