playing hooky

James had an early dentist appointment last Friday morning. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day so I decided to let him play hooky and brought all the kids to picnic point.

yay, picnic point!
It never disappoints.
James applying Nicholas' sunscreen:
He was loving this:
bare bum:
hard to resist:
Nicholas tried (and succeeded!) over and over to get the little straw back in the juice box hole.  I loved watching his intense concentration:
The rock wall at the entrance was a big hit this time:

Ruby talked him through it:  :)
Baby was tired out and happy to watch by this point:


Well, we got our fence yesterday.  And I love it.  LOVE IT!

Patrick has been anti-fence since the beginning but when he got home last night (at around 10pm) we sat out there surrounded by the sweet smelling cedar...and he liked it! 

I knew he would.  I'm so glad.

More about that soon.  I need to go get my workout on.



  1. Hi honey, these pictures are wonderful.....I see a few that would be perfect for your upcoming Christmas book :).
    OK....we want pics of the new fence ASAP! I'm so happy, and not surprised, that Patrick likes it too. Good job, bob.
    The charms are about one for the gramma, hmmmmm? I know...I'm greedy :). Love you all, mamma/gramma


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