summertime: a sneak peek

We're having a few days of unseasonably warm temps this week. I'll take it after all of the unseasonably cold stuff!

Pickles was quite content with his bucket of muck:

Until they turned the sprinkler on.  He headed straight into the spray but Ruby grabbed him for me:
But he went right back:
He took a break after he was good and wet:
James brought tote lids out for everyone to use as shields:
xoxoxo, summer.  We love you.


Both of the fence company owners called me yesterday afternoon to apologize about the mix up.  They are hoping to get the guys back out here this coming Monday instead of the following one, if the weather is okay.  Either way, I appreciate the gesture and that they genuinely seemed to feel bad all on their own...I wasn't even pissy with them!  :)  American Fence Company in Madison, if you're looking!

I am off for another mama & pickles day and we have a lot planned.  It will be a nice break.

Have a good one.  xoxo


  1. I wish summer would come to Duluth. Your pictures are making me summer sick. :o/

    I've been thinking about your coasters and I think they'd be really fun if you free-motion quilted some words in them. Like:

    Her coffee
    His coffee

    How fun!! And if you keep hating the part where you close it, you could whip stitch around the thing and no one would know where the opening was...

    I also think I might use some of the stacks of old jeans I have to make some coasters. They've been percolating in my head for a while and I think they will have raw/fringe-y edges.

    Anyway, thanks for the creativity you spark!!


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