Sunday on the Isthmus

On Sunday the big kids and I participated in the Love Madison project put on by our church.  It looks like they haven't updated the blog but it's basically a Sunday where there are no church services and they ask us to pick an opportunity to serve in the community.  They set up like 50 (or more) service projects all over Dane County.  I picked trash clean up because my kids love picking up trash.  :)

It was chilly and windy but sunny (!) and we had a good time cleaning up a portion of West Johnson street.  I think their favorite part was actually stopping at the new Union South (beautiful!!  so cool!!) for a bathroom break and some refreshments.  I also found out that James believes in God and Jesus but not everything.  For instance, how could a man make the whole world??  I was so happy we had the chance to talk about a lot of things that we never had before.  I admire his critically-thinking little mind and have to say that after the initial surprise it made sense to me that he would question some of what he's heard.  We have all sorts of stuff to explore and learn about now.  Creation vs. Evolution, here we come.  :)


It's chilly and cloudy today and we don't have the van.

Recipe for craptastic day?  Not today.  I will put on a sweatshirt to water my freshly planted seeds and then work on a little sewing project I started.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to start Blood, Bones & Butter later on.  I love chef autobiographies and this one sounds like it will not disappoint.



  1. I have a friend who just read that book and loved it. Hope you love it too!


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