towing the line

Here I sit, just waiting for the tow truck.  Patrick (bless his heart) didn't touch the car this week so I told him I was calling for a tow this morning.  He didn't believe me and said I didn't even have a key for it.  HA!  He should know me better after all these years.  Of course I have a key, silly husband!  I feel totally good about the way this went down because I A) talked to him rationally about it last week and we B) came to a fair agreement together.  He didn't honor his side of it, I didn't bitch at him during the week (even though I really wanted to) and now someone else gets to (hopefully) fix it which is obviously what he really wants. 

I am a little nervous about what could be wrong.  Both of our vehicles are older now, but paid for, and I hope we don't have to buy a new one for at least a year.  I hope it's not this weekend!  :) 

Someday I will tell you the story of how I am getting a fence around our patio.  It's a good one.  :)  I've learned a *few* things during these 15 years of marriage.  (and it's not how to manipulate.  that doesn't work on patrick.)

ANYWAYS.  I am in love with this little guy this morning.  I took these pictures a while ago.  He LOVES to sweep, and as long as he doesn't start chewing on the bristles, I let him.

The other morning we were laying in my bed while he nursed.  He stopped nursing, came up, smiled at me and kissed me, and went right back to nursing.  It might have been the sweetest thing EVER.  Oh my gosh.  What a darling.

A super screechy darling.  Nicholas is SO demanding.  When he wants something he will just shriek until he either A) gets it or B) realizes it's not working and moves on.  It's kind of unbelievable out of a one year old and makes me nervous.

Better keep those kisses coming, little one!

I am so happy we are not in the van this morning.  (to drive patrick to work and then pick him up in the afternoon means 2.5 hours in the van for us.  yuck.)  I let Patrick take it (due to my evil (but fair!) plan.  mwa ha ha!) and the kids and I will just walk to some of the garage sales later on.  It's a beautiful day and there are city-wide garage sales!  A match made in heaven.  :)

The tow truck just came.  Did you know roadside assistance works at your house, too?  Nice.

I might be back later but probably not.  OH YEAH.  Sybil sent me a workout DVD and a new pair of workout capris yesterday!  It was so fun to get a little package.  Thank you Sybil!  I felt so justified after my workout that I had Krispy Kreme donuts for dinner.  :)  (I've only lost one pound since of 14 lbs lost now.  I wonder why??)  :)


p.s.  Someone told me they didn't quite get yesterday's post.  Here's the deal:  not drinking water makes you constipated.  Being constipated, straining for a poo, irritates nasty hemmies.  GET IT??  :)  xoxo


  1. Nick is DARLING, I want to bite his belly, it is perfect! auntie seester


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