tuesday, part two

Hey there.  How is your week so far?  I can't believe it's Tuesday already!

kidding.  :)

My week is pretty good so far.  Of course, we got our fence!  Here is a peek:

It's like a giant play pen and Nicholas loves it.  Yesterday he was standing on the one step from the house to the patio and, INSTEAD OF SHRIEKING, he signed help.  Be still my heart.  How do I teach him to sign "GIVE ME THE EFFING..."?  That's what he'd really like to know.

Ruby is done with pre-school on Thursday.  Yay!  No more $$ every month and no more being home by 11:30am!  (I'm trying to see the bright side.)  This is an adjustment period we are all heading into and I remember last year was kind of rough, especially right at first, for James.  I hope knowing that might happen will make this year easier.

I am trying to figure out how to get my exercising time in with all the kids home this summer.  I think that getting up earlier will probably be the best bet so I'm trying to get into that habit now.  If I try to exercise while Pickles is sleeping I KNOW J&R will bug me and I will get ticked.  It will be hard enough to keep them relatively quiet during nap time.  Keeping them quiet while working on my fitness?  No way.  That is always my biggest challenge as baby naps are quite sacred around here.  :)  I think we will most likely spend his nap time OUTSIDE.  It will let him sleep but also give me some time with them to just do big kid things, which will be good.  I also think he'll shift to one nap over the summer so that will make things a bit easier.

I am down another pound, so 16.5.  Whoopee!  That was said a bit sarcastically as I haven't been trying my best lately.  I am actually back on track now (as of last week) but really took it easy for the week and a half before that.  I was walking every day but no weights or harder cardio or anything which I really missed.  I am super excited to hit 20lbs.  I wonder when I will? 

I find it funny, this whole losing weight thing.  Yes, my clothes fit better and some are way too big.  Yes, I am stronger and feel some changes in my body.  I *know* these things but it's going so slowly (now) that I don't always remember/appreciate how far I've come.  I get stuck thinking of how far I have to go and that isn't fair to myself.  I've read stories about women who've lost weight but they still think of themselves as they used to be.  I haven't lost a drastic amount by any means but I can see what they mean.  As I sit here my belly feels just as big and squishy as ever.  It's hard not to focus on that part of it.   Just an observation.  Like before, I am thankful during these times that my eating has changed enough that I'm not gaining any weight when I let it all ride for a while.  That is a good thing!  Something to celebrate, right?  :)

I have to go now.  Ruby has her 5 year check in a while.

Have a great day!  xoxo


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