the very long story of our fence and patio and how sometimes you (meaning me) have to be very patient and keep your mouth shut

Last night Patrick grabbed the one lonely wine cooler that was still in the fridge from last summer.  "Let's go out on the patio and get shitfaced," he said.

I do love that man.

We each had a couple big swallows but didn't really get shitfaced.  It was fun, nonetheless.  Summer is here!  Let's booze it up!  :)  Haha, we are such party animals.

The summer sun is gone for a couple of days but I love the patio, even in the rain.

I have plans to make a new cushion (and maybe canopy) for the swing and our wicker loveseat.  It involves some of our old cushions, fabric, thick plastic sheeting and lots of duct tape.  I'll let you know how it goes.  ;)  I bought new cushions for our chairs this year and they are not cheap.  I'd like to get by with some homemade stuff for the other pieces as we still want a fire pit and maybe a gazebo.  One step at a time, I'm telling myself.  The most important parts are in place.

How long have you been reading my blog?  I'm totally curious so let me know if you'd like, but what made me think of that was this post.  I've been wanting a patio for years so this is pretty fun for me.  :)  I made do for a long time. 

We got the patio itself poured last summer.  I was thrilled with that but soon realized that the neighbor kids (and my own  - but I can control them for the most part) all saw it as a big play slab as it was so easily accessible.  They basically wrecked our swing, move everything not nailed down, play with my plants, dig through the deck box...drove me nuts.  Then there was a little pickle this year who tumbled right off the edge every other step (he is already learning to "turn around and go down" but still!) and loves to run to the street.  No relaxing for mama with that stuff going on and I wanted a patio to RELAX on.  Thus the idea of putting a fence around the patio was born.

I put the idea forward to Patrick and he immediately said no.  He thought it would be stupid and look out of place.  I reminded him that I let him get whatever honking TV he wanted last winter (for the same money as the fence would cost!) and didn't say a word.  He said no one can see the TV but us.  (insert heavy sigh here) 

Over the next month we kept talking and started compromising.  We got estimates on having planters built all around the patio.  (63 feet of deck boxes would apparently blend right in in Patrick's eyes.)  Too expensive.  We talked about just one privacy fence on the street side and prickly poisonous bushes planted everywhere else.  (kidding.) (kind of.)  We talked about just getting a gazebo and talking with the neighbors (nicely) about keeping their kids off our crap.  We briefly considered a moat.  We talked kindly with each other even though on the inside I was thinking, "He is sooooooo dumb!  He has no vision!"  I was exasperated but I knew getting pissed at him would get me no where.  I learned this the hard way, about 10 years ago.  :)  (not that I never get mad at him but this was so important to me and my gut was telling me to tread softly this time.)  Instead of yelling at him I seethed to my sister, mom or friends.  I prayed.  I got an estimate on a fence just for the fun of it.  I waited.  I gave him an excellent hand drawn rendition of my vision:

Can you believe he didn't like it???  (hahahhahahahhahahahhahaaa.  I am not an artist.)

We didn't talk about it for a while and I finally just said again, "Can we please just do this?  It will mean so much to me, Patrick."  (I had said that at first but he apparently hadn't heard me.)  He gruffly said I should get another estimate so I did.  It was a lot cheaper (but less decorative) and I felt like I might have him.  I did.  And here we are!  And it only took lots of waiting and compromising and prayer and complaining behind his back and I got exactly what I wanted!  :)  (why isn't everything in life this way??)

I love it!  The kids love it!  Patrick even loves it!  He is a private guy so he really likes that it feels a bit secluded, especially at night.

I have already thought that it might be kind of a pain when Nicholas is around 3 and wants to be in the sandbox and I want to be inside.  I can't really see the sandbox from the sliding door like I could before, but you know what?  When that time comes I will suck it up and deal.  Nothing is perfect, right?  And I will never, NEVER complain about it to Patrick.  :)

We plan on (slowly) landscaping all around it.  Right after we mow.  Haha.

Want to come over and get shitfaced on my patio?  Call me!  ;)



  1. Love it!!! and I totally want to get shitfaced on your patio.. you know I am experienced at shitfaced, right?
    Ps. Reading your blog since the beginning and still lovin it!

  2. Come over anytime, Melissa! :) xoxo

  3. I guess I haven't been (stalking you) reading your blog for *that* long. I love the look backwards and then to fast-forward to now. Voila! It's perfect!!! The fence makes it an outdoor room (which is all the rage, if you believe what Pottery Barn tries to sell you).

    Anyway - so happy your vision came to be and it's exactly what you wanted!

  4. yah I'll come over, but I have to stay the night cuz we live so far apart. byw - I don't need to know about your night time privacy.....:)

  5. Now I feel like a stalker because I know I've been reading your blog since 6-12-07. You sent me an email asking if you could use pics from the little pool party we had here the day before. Back in your sugar avenue days!!! I still have the email in my blogs folder so that is why I know the date.
    I totally want to get shitfaced on your patio - it is beautiful!!! I promise not to stalk you until you invite me over. HAHAHA ;)

  6. Love it!!!!!! Your dream!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I turn 21 in three weeks, I am so there ;)

    xoxo Cousin Rachel

  8. Thank you ALL and you better all come for cocktails soon. :) xo

  9. Pretty good job! It turned out way way better from the plan, that's for sure! Anyway, just imagining flowering plants all around the fence makes it a sight to look forward to. I hope this second phase goes well with you.

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