19.5 and counting

I am still .5lb away from my goal!  I will get there.  Right now I only want to eat 100 soft chocolate chip cookies.  My sleepy brain is calling for carbs.

I just dozed on the couch while all 3 of my kids screamed and careened around me.  6 hours of sleep apparently isn't enough.

Dear Mother,  Mind your own business.  Love you!  skg

Dudes.  It is Thursday already.  The first (full) week of summer has gone amazingly well.  But, oh, I am some kind of sleepy.  (did I say that?  I forget.)

I need new bras.  Smaller bras.  I realized today that it looked more like I ad just folded a tsirt under my breasts and called it a day.  It was bad.  Not grapefruit bad, but bad.  :), Teresa.

LOL!  My (letter tat comes after U) key isn't working so I can't een paste in my (letter tat comes after G).  aaaaaaaa.  super funny.

I'm going back to sleep.



  1. Way to go! You look awesome. :)

  2. HAHAHA You sound wacky in this post!! You are tired! lol seester


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