birthday kiss

Sadly, this picture is not from today.  Patrick has been in NYC since Wednesday morning.  happily, he'll be home late tonight so I'll get my birthday kisses then.

Yes, I'm 40 today!  yikes.

A good day so far.  I cleaned up some puke, changed a poopy diaper and ran out of creamer.  That doesn't sound so good, does it?  :)  It is, though.  The baby slept well last night and until 9:30 this morning!  I got some awesome gifts and cash-ola in the mail and have had lots of sweet calls and messages from friends and family.  I feel very blessed and happy.  I will be completely happy once my husband is back on WI soil later on.

I hope you all have happy Fridays and super awesome weekends!  :)  Thanks for spending some of your time this past year here with me...I appreciate it so much.



  1. Happy Birthday sweet Stephanie. 40 sure looks good on you!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! We love you X40!!! xoxo the staffs

  3. happy happy birthday birthday!! 40 is the new 30! Really!

  4. I didn't know it was your bday when I invited you to McDonalds - sorry. I'm glad Patrick got home earlier!

  5. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Forty is fabulous!



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