copycatter, bread and water*

I've wanted a Superhero necklace for years.  Probably like 3 of them.  (years, I mean.)  I know the price was over $70 and I could just never justify spending that much on a beaded necklace, no matter how lovely.  When I finally got to the point that I wanted to treat myself, the creator was on maternity leave.  I was sad, but happy for her new little one, and sort of forgot all about it. 

Until about a month or so ago when I started making the stamped necklaces and learned how to make a bead into a pendant.  A giant light bulb went off in my brain one afternoon as I realized hey, I could make something like that myself now!

So I started to, very slowly, little by little.  I hadn't actually worked on mine for a couple of weeks until today.  This afternoon Ruby asked if she could make herself another beaded bracelet so I got my beads out and saw it lying there in the bottom of the box.  I took it out and realized how close to being finished I really was.

About a half an hour later, here it is!

I love it!

I also realize why it would cost $70+ to buy one...this baby took a long time, especially for my unpracticed fingers. 

It was worth it, though.  I love the feel of the glass beads against my neck.


I know how cool it is to DIY projects that you've seen other places, especially from big retail establishments like Pottery Barn or anthropologie.  People love it!  I love it!  But it does feel sort of wrong to copy an independent seller.  Of course, I have no plans of selling these and was going to buy one from her, but it still feels kind of wrong.  What is your take on this?  Am I very bad?

Also - my post title - did you say this as a kid?  I remember saying it even though it doesn't rhyme at all.  My, weren't my friends and I clever??  ;)  That reminds me that the other night in the car James was saying the rhyme "...and you are not to beeeee it..." and Patrick added, "with a dirty double dish rag IN-SIDE-OUT."  HAHAHAHHAHA!  I almost died laughing.  Hadn't heard that in years.



  1. Sweetheart, you are not bad. The seller inspired you!
    Your necklace is beautiful.... good job.
    Auntie Kristy

  2. Beautiful!!! I love it. I agree with your aunt - it was merely inspiration.

  3. thank you both. :) xoxo

    Kristy - hope summer vacation is AWESOME so far. :)

  4. Do you even need another opinion? I agree with them, and I love your necklace!

  5. WHAT???? You aren't selling them????????????? DANG! Love it.
    And love Thurs. picture of Pickles laughing his butt off. What a devil.

  6. I clicked on the lady's pic and instantly thought,"DON'T buy it, we can make those!" I was on the verge of emailing you and then I scrolled down and found you already made one. People are inspired by all kinds of things, really original designs are hard to come by...Now I have to go down and raid my bead box and make one for myself!!


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