heaven help(s) me

This as been a crazy week, let me tell you.  I am sorry to be vague but it's a long story...I'll just say that God took care of something for me in a really big and clever way and I am left feeling pretty much awed and thankful.  he knows me (us) so well and just what is most important to me, even if it might seem like a small thing to someone else.

So, that was wonderful.

Now Ruby is sick, which is sad.

I got 2 cards and a small package in the mail yesterday and I am saving them for tomorrow.  That is wonderful.

We had a wicked bad storm last night and spent nearly an hour in the basement.

I made some simple (square!) coasters for James' teacher and really liked how they turned out.  It's hard to see but I did a small amount of quilting on each one.  Oh, and I left the brown bobbin thread in on accident and just went with it.  :):

I've been trying to cut flowers daily to enjoy inside. My peonies got plowed over last night (one of them) so I cut a few extra today. The greens are branches torn off of my favorite tree. It is mostly fine, thankfully.

Today has the potential for being a very long day.  My only goal is to email Melissa.  :)  have a good one, friends!


  1. Those coasters are great. I love how your flowers are following the same color scheme as the coasters. Hey I don't know if you read Clover Lane but she had a picture placemat tutorial on today's post. I thought of you when I saw it. :0)

  2. It's

  3. I'll be watching for your email. I hope you are good, God always takes care of you :) Love the coasters

  4. I hope you have time to write you long story, because I always have time to hear what God is doing! (Do you know that in Revelations it says that Satan is defeated by "the blood of the Lamb and testimonies of the saints." Your story pushes back the darkness! Anyway, I'd love to hear it, if you have time, and if all the keys on your keyboard work! =0)

    LOVE the coasters. None of Grace's teachers got gifts this year. I suck.

  5. I was wondering about you during that storm last night. No damage near us, though it sure sounded scary on the tv! Glad your week ended well for you.

  6. Hey everyone....today is Stephanie's Birthday!
    Happy Birthday sweetheart, I love you. Mama


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