It's funny because I said we had had a good week (or something like that) but that doesn't mean a "perfect" week, I want you to know. A good week for me means I didn't lose it with my kids (too often. ha!), they got along sometimes, I didn't kick them, we had some fun, and I enjoyed myself a little on both of my levels: The Stephanie level and the Mom level. Do you have 2 levels? I do for sure. My mom level feels good about sitting on the floor playing Pokemon with Ruby, for instance. My Stephanie level is bored stiff with that but loves to read at night or watch the Bachelorette. So anyways. Needed to clarify that.

One funny thing was this: James was teasing Ruby about being in Level 1 for swimming yesterday. Relentlessly. Oh, and also about having a vagina. At one point I sent him to his room and told him the consequence for what he was doing. I also told him that the Lord wants us to encourage each other and build each other up. "Oh," he said, "I didn't know that." HAHAHHAHAHAAA.

One more funny thing: I pulled right out of the McDonald's drive through yesterday and didn't get them lunch because they were both whining and being generally annoying. :) (they had just had a big snack.) Oh, the mom power. I try to wield it gently most of the time. (do I?)

Anyways. I am on the laptop. The new, forbidden lap top but COME ON. I have no letters left and Patrick never hooked up the new key board last night. (perhaps I need to buy that new keyboard attaching drill I've been hearing about??)

Ruby finally got to start swimming lessons yesterday (missed first 3 days due to kindy and rain) and she loved it. It helps that 2 of her best buds are in her class.

I love all the swimming colors. So pretty and summery.

So our days now are like this: James to school at 8am (building moving contraptions and Movin' U - a running/biking/hiking class) (next week Ruby will also go at 8am also for 3 weeks) - Pick James (and Ruby) up at 10am - Play on playground for 20 minutes - Swim lessons for James and Ruby at 10:30am - chat with Wendy for 15 minutes while Pickles has a snack in stroller - chase Pickles for remaining 15 minutes of swimming lessons - home for lunch and nap for baby OR throw schedule to the wind and do something fun but pay for it later with crabby baby.

I'm feeling pretty happy about it all so far. (except for those moments when I'm not and I think about getting a real job.) (I say that with loads of sarcasm, you know. This is, of course, a real job.)

Well, baby is now awake

and, did you know, it is Friday!!



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