hit him with your best shot*

I cut Nicky's hair yesterday and it kind of reminds me of Pat Benatar.  It's hard to tell from the above picture but it kind of looks like this:

Good thing he is a baby.

I'm not sure I remember how to blog.  It's been so long!

Last Friday my Dad was told that they couldn't rule out cancer at that point and he might need a lung biopsy.  :(  Yesterday he was told that they think it's another serious but treatable disease and they can get the tissue they need through a bronchoscopy on Thursday.  he has another ct scan today.  he is still in a lot of pain so your prayers are really needed and appreciated.  thank you so much.  I wish I was there to take him to all of these appts.  I am so thankful he has so many people that love him and want to help.  :(  If you knew my dad you would know how incredibly hard this is.  The man does not like to sit still for very long.  sigh.

On Saturday morning I again practiced turning my worries over to God.  That is what he clearly says he wants us to do but it is SO hard.  Worrying does no good for anyone.  Praying?  Yes.  Praising God for all the good stuff?  Yes.  Worrying?  no.  So I am trying my best not to worry.  It feels wierd...like I am not doing something I should be. how did worrying get so ingrained in us?

    Philippians 4:6-7 Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.(NLT) 
Along with thinking of my dad all the time, things are good.  James was grounded yesterday for being mouthy but it did result in a good conversation about how hard it is to control your words even when you're in a bad mood.  hmmmmm...that sounds familiar.  :)  I might struggle with that now and again.  (ha!)  Nicky got a new tooth that gave him a fever and a fairly surly disposition all weekend.  he is still not 100% but better.  he is still asleep at 9:31am.  I need to go wake him up soon.  Ruby is very good, slightly annoying and utterly adorable.

I love having 3 kids at these different ages because I get some of everything.  I get the chubby adoring baby, the crazy thinking and talking 5 year old and the big kid who I can actually have a real conversation with about important things. 

I had an awesome time last night at water aerobics and then at Wendy's for a Bachelorette viewing party with her and Kelly.  We laughed a lot, watched Ashley (and made fun of her...sorry.), and ate too many mini m&ms.  We realized we all shared a past that involved prank phone calls.  Were you a prankster?

I need to go get that baby up and brush my teeth.  It was fun to be back here again today...I've missed the old blog.


*high five to susan for the awesome post title!  :)


  1. High five right back atcha!!! For me it's that fear of the unknown that makes me worry so much. I have been through similar times and I know that gut wrenching feeling. Praying for answers and good outcomes for your dear daddy.
    :) xoxo

  2. ha-ha......nice try on the haircut :).
    Excellent Scripture reference too, honey.
    Love you all, mama

  3. I remember your prank phone calls! One particular call comes to mind- the hottest girl in the yearbook
    calling the geekiest guy.... you were a stinker.
    ALSO Nicky doesn't look like Pat... in fact they are like Fire and Ice. Sorry- couldn't resist.
    Still praying for Tom and for all of you. I think turning
    your worries over to God is so hard, but especially when it involves those you love the most.
    Love your guts,
    Auntie Kristy


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