ruby's tuesday

I took this picture of Ruby when she was sick last week.  I love her tiny face.

I almost said the F word to her yesterday.  As in, "Give me the EFFING pretzels right now!"

But I didn't.  close one.

This morning she turned and blew me a kiss as she walked off to her kindy orientation.  I almost cried.

But I didn't.

close one.


Earlier this morning I went in to get pickles and he had something brown smeared on his face.

yes, it was that.

Patrick is my shower hero.  he is always willing to take any type of pukey or poopy child and get them in a warm shower immediately.  he jumped up out of a dead sleep and got that baby cleaned up.  love him.

Right after I have my coffee I am going to take baby pickles for a walk.  Today is a much slower morning, thankfully.  We had such a busy day yesterday!  After Nicholas' nap we met some friends at the park and then ended up meeting Patrick at another park for dinner.  It was fun.

I am typing like a robot this morning.  No fun for me or for you.  :)  sorry.



  1. You deserve an "atta girl!!!" for not saying the f word. I used damn once and now I hear it all the time. I used it in the context of "get in your damn seat now!". I'm even more horrible that it makes me chuckle to hear my three year old say it to his big sis.
    Patrick is the best. I always had poop duty when it wasn't where it was supposed to be. All thanks to my gaggy hubby.

  2. there is something so funny about kids swearing, isn't there??? :)


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