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The pool started leaking again yesterday afternoon, so did the baby pool.  (I am sorely tempted to get this one but will have to see how things look on payday.  Anyone have a bigger but smaller pool like that that you really like?)  Baby spilled slippery bubbles on the garage floor and Ruby spread them all over.  Thankfully, baby took a good afternoon nap and Ruby did, too!  

It was good to have a few minutes of down time.  I needed them.  (and I needed to clean up those darn bubbles.)

Today I am off to the doctor and then, maybe, later to James' graduation.  He woke up in the middle of the night feeling sooooo hot.  ??  How odd.  I know his teacher will tell me to bring him, if only for the graduation, so I'm guessing that's what will happen.  Poor buddy.  (He swam in his friends pool last night (they just got the one above) and was so chilly and tired out at bedtime.  I rubbed lotion into his back, feet and legs and he just couldn't believe how good it felt.  xoxo

The baby always likes to help:
 (I put our booster under the door so it wouldn't break)
 James on a happier morning:
 I love these moss roses my mom introduced me to last year.  They are a blooming succulent and so pretty:
I took these pics of some of my plants last week.  Now the clematis are going crazy, the peonies bloomed this morning and the honeysuckle as doubled in blooms:


James is feeling pretty awful and won't be even going to his graduation later.  :(  he is in pretty good spirits, though, and is currently on the couch watching Curious George 2.  :)

I just got in from watering and man, it's hot. 

My dr. appt. went well.  I've lost 33.5 lbs since last June!  The first 15 came off on their own in the first 9 months (the "easy" baby weight) and the other 18.5 in the last 3.  I am 1.5 lbs. from my first goal of a 20lb. loss but just haven't committed to it lately.  I am still eating fairly well (just more snacks, for sure, and haven't been writing it all down...just keeping loose track in my head) and doing so-so with exercising.  (I never made a no blogging before exercise rule in June and SEE?  :)  )  I am thinking next week I will commit to both tracking and NBBE and get rid of these last 1.5 lbs and see where I'll go from there.  I do still want to lose another 20 but that seems like a lot right now.  My next goal (after 20) will be 6 more lbs for a mini personal goal of no longer being technically obese.  (how sad to still be obese.)  I did lose some more inches, though, resulting in most of my pants being too big.  Time for another sewing session.  I also bought some size 14 shorts and capris which was a mini-goal I set for myself to be able to do by June 1st and they fit great.  It's not like I want to be a certain size but that was the next size down for me.  So, I'm at a bit of a self-inflicted plateau.  Anyone want to commit to some serious calorie tracking and exercise with me next week?

What a long paragraph that was!  The exercise I have been doing is: mowing, walking, and Jackie Warner circuit training.  Man, I love her.

 Today feels like a vacation day for some reason.  My to-do list (pick up babysitter, make cookies for James to eat after graduation, go to graduation, bring home babysitter) has been cleared and it feels nice.  Time to go watch some Curious George.  :)  xoxo


  1. We have a pool very similiar to that one only bigger and we really like it. It's Kal's job to take care of it though otherwise we probably wouldn't have one.

    I will count calories and exercise with you next week. How are we going to keep each other accountable? or should I say How are you going to keep me accountable?:)


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