pickle pickle pickle pop

Do your kids do that thing where they wag their finger around in front of your face saying, "LOLLI LOLLI LOLLI (and then jab it at your eye for the finale) POP!"?

Mine do.  We also say, "pickle pickle pickle POP!"  Nicky wags his little finger, too, and says, "blalli blalli blalli".  It is cute, trust me.

So, now that you know about That!  how are you?

I am super very good.  I had a most excellent weekend and I know the fam did, too.  It started Friday:  we had friends over in the afternoon and then I went to Wendy's that night for BEER on her deck.  She got a cute & comfy new conversation set for her deck and it needed to be tested.  When I arrived her kids were in bed and she had it all set up for us with a big bowl of popcorn and a bucket of beers.  So cute and fun.  :)  She told her husband that some women scrapbook, some women shop...we sit on our patios and drink.  :)  Next time it will be here and she definitely set the bar pretty high.  I am thinking fireworks?!

Anyways, Saturday was some time at the dig while Ruby was at a birthday party.  Then I went to Lands End to try and find a swimsuit.  I decided I am not settling, as I do already have one that is fine, so I left without one.  In the afternoon we took all the kids to the pool and then for a walk on this most excellent new walking path in our town.  I LOVE IT!

Sunday was church and lunch and naps (Patrick) and mowing (me) and more pool time with just me and the big kids.  Ruby is totally into this swimming thing and was making me watch her do super bob after super bob.  (super bob = bobbing your head under water) 

baby needs me.  happy flippin' monday.



  1. Patio sitting and drinking beer! What a great hobby! I'll take it too!!!

    And, as far as the swim suit goes, wait for the huge Lands End sale in Dodgeville in early August. The women's swim suits are the main reason to go. You can get a great suit for 50 -75% off - usually under $20. Also, cute wraps and cover-ups also super-cheap.

    fellow bargain lover and beer drinker


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