sometimes life is like this

I have to write this down because it feels so overwhelming to me.  I'm hoping it will help me to release it all (whine) and maybe get some perspective.

  • get babysitter for next Tues afternoon
  • bring stuff to thrift store
  • find out when dump is open, bring stuff to dump
  • find local scrap guy to see if he'll take motorcycles (2 out of 3) in the garage
  • return pants to Old Navy
  • return Aqua Sand and get other bday gift  (aqua sand, like moon sand, is straight from hell)
  • RSVP to Riley's party
  • make cupcakes for James for Sat & Sun
  • Cub scouts ceremony on Sun
  • Bring Ruby and James to (different) bday parties on Saturday
  • get groceries
  • return library books
  • mow
  • put massive amounts (again) of laundry away
  • deposit $
  • pay bills
  • make necklaces & mail them
  • turn in expenses
  • get dirt & grass seed
  • spread dirt & grass seed
  • volunteer at church Sunday
  • spend quality time with God/husband/kids
  • exercise
  • savor life
  • stop and smell roses
  • drink heavily
  • clean and organize lower level (again)
  • appreciate clean garage and basement  (ahhhhhhh.)
  • get plastic totes for basement
  • spray paint stool (not back end sort of stool, small stool for patio) and loveseat
  • finish patio swing replacement seat
  • sew cushions for outside
  • buy gazebo and have Patrick bolt to patio  (ah, sweet morning shade, come to mama)
  • water plants outside
  • do dishes
  • feed family
  • doctor next Tuesday morning
  • James graduation next Tuesday afternoon 
  • turn 40
Totally do-able right?  Will you share your overwhelming list?  Not all of this needs to be done this week but a lot of it really does.   I worked so hard on the basement yesterday so I'm taking a break from big jobs today and relaxing with my kids.  That is the idea, anyways.  I hope this list will stop me from constantly scrolling through it all in my mind.  Nicholas is sick (fever and very sad) so he was up twice last night, 1am and 5am, so I didn't get up at 5:30 when I wanted to.  I've been getting up at 5:30 to read my bible, hang out laundry, exercise, etc. and it is really a good way for me to start my day.  Sometimes life gets in the way of my grand plans, though.  Note to self:  roll with it.

I'm done now.  Ruby is here and we are going to go outside until baby gets up. 

p.s.  We tend to let things go around here for a while (aside from the main living areas) until they are just TOO MUCH and driving me mental.  I guess I'd rather have a ton to do every few months than do a lot more every single day??  As always, all of this will get easier again as pickles grows up.  And we don't want that, do we?  No, not yet.  Hey, right there.  There's my perspective.  :)  Sometimes I don't get to it until I let myself ramble.



  1. where you find dirt seed? (lol) it a bit of a list, but if anyone can do it you can. To me that is about a years worth of stuff, but I can not do a ton of stuff these days:) (now if you had put take a bunch of naps that I could handle;)


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