Nicky eating his daily bowl of rice krispies:

Ruby being Ruby:
I love this face he makes:
and this one:
We are not sure how he manages to eat:

I talked to my Dad late yesterday afternoon and he sounded like himself for the first time all week. He has been in such pain he can barely walk and was having some other scary symptoms like coughing up blood. An XRay showed spots on his lungs on Tues or Wed but the MRI results he got yesterday showed that it was areas of inflammation not tumors. Thank God. They have him on antibiotics and he said this morning that he was feeling somewhat better, that the horrible pain is diminished somewhat. After I read his email I just burst into tears. I didn't realize how worried I was, underneath all the day to day stuff that my life involves. It didn't seem possible that anything could really happen to him. yuck. Thank you so much for your prayers for him. They are working and are so appreciated. xoxo

I have been in an especially foul mood the last 2 days. I think it's a combination of fear and PMS...not fun. Pretty much anything and everything is hurting my feelings. I'm keeping mostly to myself and trying to just let stuff go. It's obviously me not anyone else. Right now I just want to curl up with Patrick and go to sleep for about a week.

I have been working out with Jackie and I think that is helping me hang in there.  It exhausts me some days but leaves me feeling really good, too.  I did manage to lose that last .5 pound so that was fun to see.

I probably gained it back earlier today.  :)

What else?  Ruby likes swimming lessons and summer school.  James, too.  I tried water aerobics at our local pool and really liked it.  We had a babysitter here for all 3 kids for the first time!  It went great.  Nicholas has been sleeping until 9 or 9:30 most mornings and I have been loving that little bit of peace and quiet while the big kids are gone. 

A lot of my family is coming next week (seester & her family, my mom) so that is pretty exciting.  I'm not sure yet what will happen with my Dad.  He was going to come, too.  :(  We'll see...maybe his antibiotics will help him feel totally better.  I hope so.  (they were thinking maybe he had Lyme's or some auto-immune disease but of course everything showed negative so far.  I know all of that is so hard to diagnose.)

I have been sewing a fair amount and organizing some areas of my house.  I put up a new shower curtain that is actually a huge tablecloth and I love it.  I feel so blessed to have a home.  I love making it cute and comfortable for us and I love that Patrick notices and appreciates that stuff.

Speaking of Patrick.  He met the kids and I at a McDonald's for lunch yesterday.  We all went in the play area afterward and he was totally overwhelmed by it.  :)  haha.  Welcome to my world.  It was Nicky's first time and he thought it was great.  He was so cute running around and bumping into padded poles.  :)

Once again, have a great weekend.  xoxo


  1. so sorry to read about your sadness and fear about your father. It's scary when parents become fragile. They are supposed to be indestructable, right?

    Love your perspective about gratitude in having a home you can make all cozy. Also, love the image of cuddling up for a week with Patrick. Actually, funny enough, Bob said the same thing to me today (hahaha, not about cuddling up with Patrick but about wanting to close the door to our bedroom and sleep and snuggle for a week). So sweet...

    Glad your kids are providing a well-needed distraction. Enjoy your time with your family next week. I'm sure you are counting down the days until they arrive. :)

  2. All part of the roller coaster Honey, but you'll feel better soon. Glad to hear "no tumors" (thank you Lord).
    I love how every one of your blog entries includes your positive thoughts and gratitude. Those things come in very handy... and help you cope with the scary and sad stuff. You are an inspiration.. Love you
    Auntie Kristy

  3. Hang in there Steph. Hopefully this all will be water under the bridge very soon. (Also Ruby? She is totally channeling Olivia Newton John there!)

  4. Ronan said that if Nicky looks like Pat Benetar, then Ruby looks like Axel Rose!

  5. And he also thinks that James looks a little like one of these: A Quiznos Sponge Monkey!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!You have to check out this link! hee hee


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