ducks in a row/shit together/you know what I mean

So my family left last Wednesday but I've continued living in "vacation world."  Vacation world is great, don't get me wrong, but it's not so great for my ass.

When everyone arrived at our house just over 2 weeks ago I was 21.5 lbs down!  woo hoo!  Now I am back up 1.8lbs!  boo hoo!  Time to get back on track...I loved being under that 20lb felt so good.  Now I feel sluggish due to lack of exercise and too much ice cream.   

(side note:  I absolutely cannot resist ice cream in my freezer.  I haven't just randomly bought ice cream in soooooo long (I like skinny cow ice cream bars to get my fix) but I did last weekend (cookie dough EXPLOSION) and it's almost gone.  I just threw the rest of it in the trash.  I am helpless against the icy cream.)

So as of today I am back on track.  Or trying to be.  I did exercise yesterday, thank God for water aerobics, so that's why I'm blogging today.  If I want to blog tomorrow I have to fit some exercise in sometime today.  I am also tracking what I eat again...trying to stay under 1600 calories.

In an effort to bore the crap out of all of you, and eat more vegetables, I am going to post what I eat here every day.  Okay, as I type that I realize I probably won't do that...will take too much time.  I will give my final calorie count for the day, though, and maybe small excerpts from the food log.  I will tell you right now that I usually end up at least 100 calories over.  You see, when I started with sparkpeople I got 1700 calories.  I lost 20lbs and they cut my limit!  Bastards!  (that was for you Susan.)  :)  So in my mind/body I am soooooo used to 1700 that it's hard for me to eat less.  That and I am kind of a pig.

Unfortunately I bought some whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread yesterday so I had to eat that for breakfast.  (it twisted my arm!)  I had 2 slices with 1/2 T of sunbutter smeared on each of them.  I also had 1/2 of a banana (salvaged off of the floor.  JUST KIDDING.) and will have some coffee soon.  That will put me at about 450 cal for breakfast (I like a lot of cream) which isn't great.  I am nice and full, though.

So anyways.  I'd like to get back to where I was by next Wednesday.  I actually haven't been eating any worse than my other slider times but the not exercising is what gets me.  Oh, I should add that I've been going to water aerobics but that's it.  It's a good work out but not that good.  (oh man, that water felt so delicious last night.  hmmmmmm.  nice.)

Wish me luck?  Anyone else struggling with summer pudge?



  1. Just pay attention toand trust how you feel feel SO much better when you're taking good care of yourself......just get yourself back into that healthier mindset and you'll be back on track in no time. Remember......self-discipline kicks ass!!!
    your sweet mama

  2. p.s. please don't write down everything you eat.....SO not interesting to anyone but you, and especially to your brother :)

  3. Those f'ng bastards!!!! HAHAHAHA Thank you once again for the laugh.


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