for cheryl, who finds this helpful (sorry brother :) )

  • 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with sunbutter:  290
  • coffee and cream:  50
  • 1/2 banana:  45
  • 2 pcs toast w/sb:  290  (don't worry, it's almost gone)
  • fruit salad with 1/2 c each of strawberries, blueberries & bananas:  100
  • 2 chocolate rice cakes:  120
  • 3/4 med. apple:  60 
  • veggies  (1/2 c snap peas, 12 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 c carrots):  60 
  • 24 almonds:  170
  • many baby goldfish: 140  (I was STARVING after water aerobics and thankfully had fish & almonds in the car...another strange "dinner" but it did the trick along with the next item)
  • banana from quik trip:  90
  • light frappucino:  110
  • 5 ritz crackers:  70
  • laughing cow cheese:  35
  • few more veggies:  30
total:  1660

I went a little over but don't feel bad about it because I did get in a lot of fruits and veggies.  I woke up starving, though, probably because I was fairly low on protein for the day.  A new day!  Too bad the calories rack up so fast...I'd like to eat a lot more.  :)
 We ended up staying home yesterday even though I really wanted to hit the dig.  There just wasn't time to do that and get back for water aerobics.  Maybe tomorrow?  It's been ages.  I met Sybil at the book store last night and had such a good time listening to one of her favorite authors speak and then chatting over yummy drinks.  We are heading out for swimming in a while and then lunch & the children's museum afterwards.  Mama is going to need a long nap sometime soon.

I wanted to add my last day of Duluth pictures today (compliments of my sister) but I exceeded my blog storage level of 7mb!  It took me nearly 5 years to get there so I don't mind.  I purchased more (20mb for $5/year) but it hasn't gone through quite yet.  Tomorrow, darlings!



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