good morning

I dropped James off earlier for his first day of scout camp. 

This morning at breakfast he looked up at me and said he was a bit nervous to be going so far away from us for the whole day.  I told him I was too but I knew he would be fine.  We said a prayer together and headed over to the bowling alley.  The dad he ended up riding with had tricked out the middle row of his van:  there was a cooler between the seats with a stack of kid magazines...Lego, Boys Life and Nat'l Geographic.  James jumped right in and grabbed a copy of Lego.  He didn't even look up to say goodbye.  :)  The other dad came over before they pulled out and said, "Man.  Now I feel bad...I just put a movie on for the kids in my van."  I laughed and said I didn't know that dads compared themselves to other dads, too.  So cute.  I'm so excited for him and I hope he has a great day.  Patrick is going with the next 2, maybe 3, days so that will be awesome. 

I am also happy for the little break from normal that this week allows.  James will be gone all day today through Thursday and possibly Friday.  Patrick will be off with him during the day but home much earlier than usual in the afternoon AND the best part of all, my 2 cousins are coming to visit!  Jessica, Sarah and Jessica's 3 kids are all coming tonight!  I can't wait!!  Love my cousins.  I just wish the 3rd sister was coming.  (but I have secret plans to go visit them in Sept. or Oct. by myself or with just my baby so I will see her then!)

(warning:  long food allergy paragraph ahead)

The little kids and I have plans to meet a friend at a park this afternoon and then Wendy, Kelly and I are getting together tonight to discuss the food allergy situation for the next school year.  James will be going to a new school and they are not at all on the peanut-free bandwagon or even taking it very seriously.  Not in an icky way but they just seem so uninformed.  sigh.  I feel like the meeting I attended last week was a huge blessing because it gave us so much information about where we should start and great contact information.  The attorney that spoke is a mother to a food allergic girl.  She basically led the Verona school district through creating their food allergy safety program and was so knowledgeable and helpful.  Another woman came up to me afterwards and offered to send me the 504 plan she had created for her 3rd grade daughter in Middleton.  See, our kids are protected under the disabilities act...their schools, by LAW, need to accommodate them.  The last 2 years his school was a lot smaller and they were willing to do whatever we wanted basically so we didn't have one.  This year will be a different situation, we don't know exactly what yet, and a 504 plan is a legally binding document that will offer James more protection, protection that he is entitled to.  The unknown is always so scary, just like when he was starting Kindergarten, but I know we will get there.  I also am so unbelievably thankful that I have 2 friends to go through all of this with.  How lucky are we?  (although luck has nothing to do with it.  :)  )

whew!  Well now I have to either go vacuum or email my cousins and tell them my house will be a mess when they get here.  Actually, I will probably do both.  Best to cover all bases.

I wanted to write about lots of other little stuff but that's what came out of me.  Hope you have a great day and rest of the week.  See you next week?


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