We got wonderful news yesterday that the inflammations on my dad's lungs are getting smaller!!  They do think it is Wegners and it must be responding to the steroids and antibiotics.  woo hoo!  Also, his kidneys look fine which is a huge relief.  (that disease can be very dangerous when it affects the kidneys.)  He had his bronchoscopy and should get the results next Tuesday.  He was feeling even a bit better yesterday, too.  Such good news.  Again - thank you for your prayers and sweet words.  They mean everything to me. 

My baby is standing by my toes crying.  I don't think I'll be around much for the next couple of weeks while my family is here and we travel up to Duluth to see Dad.

I have never neglected my blog like this before.  I guess this is what summer life with 3 kids is like.  :)  Better to neglect my blog than my children or husband or family or friends, right?  Right.  (but I do miss it.)

Lots of summer love, stephanie


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