reporting live from the pigsty

Good morning, all.

No food list today but it was pretty much like yesterday except I had pizza for lunch and very delicious veggie kabobs (with some steak) for dinner.  I ended up at 1730 calories.  I am down 1lb so nearly back to where I want to be to, you know, be back to.  (?)

We had so much fun yesterday at the children's museum.  We met Sybil and her friend Beth and the kids just played and played and played.  It was great!  Nicky loved it.  So cute and strange to see him running all over these "big kid" places.  Wasn't he just my tiny one?  Wasn't he just happy chewing on baby toys?
 Oh, wait.  That was last summer.  Wow, time flies.  But we all knew that, right?

So anyways.  The pigsty.  It's here and it's bad.  We kept the house soooooo clean M-W and then didn't do a darn thing yesterday morning before we left (except a glute workout.  yikes.) or after we got home.  No laundry pick up, no dishes, no toy pick up...nothing.  I barely made dinner...waited until Patrick got home and then sat out by the grill with some tongs and a huge cherry coke zero.  It was quite lovely, the sloth-ness.  This morning I slept in until 8:00 and then James made me breakfast.  (yes, the final 2 pieces of cinnamon toast are sadly gone now.  RIP.)  Nicky slept until 8:30 and Ruby woke up at just before 9:00.  We have swim lessons (maybe) in an hour and I am considering the thrift store this afternoon.  But I will clean up the sty before Patrick gets home.  I don't like to start the weekend with a mess.

I have lots of pictures from the museum but am, you guessed it, too lazy to get them off of my camera right now.  I wish you a very happy weekend!  :)  xoxo


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