While this is a challenging summer for me in a few ways, it's also feeling like a very summery one.  Here is a list of summery things that are making me so happy this year:

  • the pool - we can't go as much as we'd like (fearless Nicky being the reason) so when we do get to go I feel incredibly lucky
  • water aerobics - there is something about walking into that nearly deserted changing room with its' white cinder block walls and open sky that feels so summery to me.  I love it.  I also love the quiet (aerobics are during adult open swim so NO kids) and the activity itself.
  • wine coolers - they are fun and tasty and still feel like an adult treat even though they are virtually harmless
  • grilling - our neighbors gave us their old gas grill and it's fun to have one again.  (we've used charcoal for our infrequent grilling the last few years.)
  • the patio - I sit out there every day for at least a few minutes, more when I can, and I love it.  I love our fence and am super thankful for the whole set up.
  • neighbor kids - as irritating as they can be (mine included), there is something about the noise of them playing outside that I love  (I should not have said that...I'm sure there will be screaming and tears within the next 5 minutes now.)
  • tank tops - chubby arms or not, I am wearing and loving them
  • community - I love seeing my friends up at the pool every day during swimming lessons.  I feel like such a "parent" and part of the community when I'm there.  I know that sounds silly but I like it.  :)
What are you loving this summer?



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