Ruby wore her blue and white polka dot dress for the first time yesterday and looked so darn cute.  She frequently collapses into a heap of tears and snot, shouting accusations of me not listening to her.

James is being unbelievably sweet and cute and a good listener since we've been home.  (unless I am on the phone.  all bets are off when I am on the phone.  my being on the phone makes my children act like they are coming down off of a really bad trip.  why is that?)

Nicky has been christened "icky Nicky" and is busy refreshing my memory about how moody and troublesome babies/toddlers can be.  He is throwing toys and biting and hollering at all of us.  Lucky for him he balances all of this out with huge doses of cuteness.  We all seem to call him Nicky now, by the way, the unfortunate spin off being "nicky noodle."  sigh. 

We made burgers on the grill last night and James turned his into "crabby patties" with lettuce, mayo, pickles, ketchup and mustard.  He ate 2 of the 1/4lb burgers and just double checked with me that he can have another for lunch today.  He might like some cheese melted on it, too, okay?  The boy can sure put it away.  Where he puts it, we're not sure.

((It is hard blogging with all these darn kids around.  Who had all these kids, anyways?  oh yeah.  don't answer that.))

It was just raining for a while and I was so happy that we might not go to swimming lessons.  It stopped raining but I am still unsure.  It amazes me how getting to a 10:30 swim lesson 5 minutes away can make me feel rushed.  :)  Ah, summer.

It's going to be wicked hot this week.  I am in planning mode so we're not all going crazy by the end of it.  If you're around here, what are you doing to beat the heat this week?  I'm thinking madtown twisters, childrens museum, maybe even the mall.  gasp!  Also, I hope to get a sitter so I can take the big kids to the pool some afternoon and also let them each have a play date.  James wants to have 2 friends over for a sleep over...maybe on Thursday night.

Ruby just woke up and is getting dressed.  James is standing next to me eating a yogurt parfait that he made with strawberries, bananas and 2 kinds of yogurt.  Nicky just chucked his banana across the room.  That is how he signs all done.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!



  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I had a hard time believing how much James could eat myself, growing boy I guess. I think its great that you have taught Nicky how to sign. hee hee. I just love all of your kids, how many are there again...six, maybe seven? Wicked funny.love seester

  2. You are so smart planning things for the kids.... My plans are let them fight it out... that is why I had 2 kids right (one to spare:) LOL.

    Wannna come over one day? We have the AC on (just saying cause sometimes we do not and then I would not invite you over because it would be BLASING(not sure how to spell that) hot).


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