devil's lake and some self reflection

I was so nervous at the beginning of August.  The month seemed to stretch out so far in front of me with lots of empty days to fill. 

Ironically, I am now feeling like I want it to slow down.  It seems to be racing by!  I know I can't have it both ways so I am super thankful it is this way instead of the alternative (dragging).  I know the great weather is helping A LOT and our looser schedule is helping, too.  A lot of days we don't even go anywhere until swimming lessons would have been over but it helps me mentally knowing we don't have to go to them.  My mind is a funny kind of place.  :)

Certain hours of the day feel long, of course.  What is helping is for me to think first about what will make me happy and then make the kids comply.  :)  I am the parent after all and you know how the saying goes...if mama ain't happy...

One of the things that has always made me happiest is being outside with my kids.  We've been going for lots of bike rides (painful, to be honest.  it's better with Patrick but when it's just me and the kids I normally feel like banging my head on the sidewalk by the time we get home.  maybe it's building character?), walks, and just hanging out in the patio and yard.  Sometimes it is so hard to pull myself away from "my stuff" (including housework, projects, a book, talking on the phone, computer stuff) but when I do for a while we always have better days.

side note:  The other day I told myself I wasn't going to check my email (and facebook and blogs) until noon.  It was 9am.  I lasted until 10:45 and I won't even tell you how many times I resisted the urge between 9 and 10:45.  It was sad.  The next day I physically shut the computer down for 4 hours and that was much easier.  I'm trying to do that every day now.  I tell myself that I just check "for a minute" but that minute can easily turn into 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes.  I make myself ask myself, "Is reading about someone else's life so much more entertaining than living my OWN LIFE?"  Sadly, the answer is yes sometimes but I am so much more likely to make my OWN day fun when I am not throwing other peoples' lives down my throat all the time. 

that came out of no where!  I love blogs but sometimes I get fed up with them/me.  I see that they can be a big stumbling block for me and I use them to escape my kids.  Sometimes that is FINE and GOOD, I need that, but I also need to have these days right here with them be good days and I need to work a little to make that happen.  whew.

This post was going to be about our trip to Devil's Lake yesterday.  It was a good one (except for when I nearly peed my pants on the way there and finally just ended up pulling over and peeing right on the side of the highway.  and let me tell you, that was the best pee I ever had.  ahhhhhhhhhh.) and I felt super happy to have taken them there all by myself.  They were all really good (that always means they were normal kids...there is always some fighting and fits but "really good" means there weren't more than I could handle.  :)  ) and we had such a fun time.  Our favorite part was hiking on the tumbled rock path. 

Ruby laid in her "nest" for a long time:
 James attempts a self burial:
 Nicky makes a mess:

 I know I'm making a goofy face but I wanted a picture of me carrying him.  I love it and he doesn't always let me:
time to shut off my computer.  have a good day, friends!



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