frames, toes & chairs

Apparently bike helmets are the tip of the day!  Wear one in your will look skinny! :)  heehee. You guys are all so sweet.  I am totally not skinny minny but sure appreciate you saying I look thin!  I haven't lost any more weight this summer but am managing to (barely) hold on to what I did lose.  I don't weight myself every day anymore right now because I found that I do go up and down a pound or two nearly every day when I'm not in "losing" mode.  I think that's pretty normal so I don't worry about it anymore.  (as long as I see the down days along with the up days.)  I've been exercising every day for at least 30 minutes for the last 8 days and hope to keep it up until Sept. 1.  It helps combat all of the hamburgers and ice cream that this summer entails.

Here is another little project I did last week while my kids were gone/outside/asleep.  I had wanted to use chicken wire behind the frame to hang stuff on but didn't really want to buy a whole roll of it.  (I see chicken wire everywhere in blog land these days!  It influences me!)  I thought of stringing this thin metal floral wire instead and then just backed it with some fabric.  I love it but don't like the fabric I chose.  I thought it was a darker orange when I grabbed it in the basement and just went with it when I saw it was actually lighter.  I know the right fabric is out there and I will not rest until I find it!


I do love this frame but might repaint it, too.
It's good for now and I do like to look at it so that counts for something.

Here are little Nicky toes the other morning.  It's what I saw when I first opened up his door.
The full crazy is revealed with the flash.
Isn't he charming?
We had such a nice day yesterday.  We met Heidi and her kids at the dig and then went to a park for lunch and stayed all afternoon.  I hadn't seen her in a while so it was fun to catch up.  AND she let me have the 2 coolest lawn chairs EVER at the dig.  This is a picture I stole off of the internet but mine are exactly like it:
eek!  so cool for the patio!

I have to go shower now and get us loaded up.  We have another fun day planned with Kari and Zoe and I can't wait!  Happy weekend, you guys!



  1. Hey! I have 2 of those exact same chairs (from my grandparents), plus one that is a rocker. Or... at least I hope I still do... I wonder if they made their way down to the dig... You better not have mine!

    kidding! I LOVE these chair (especially the rocker). They will look great on your patio!

    Have a great weekend (and week)!

  2. I really like your jewelry frame - I wouldn't paint the frame.

    Hope you had some fun yesterday. It was so good to see you.


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