fresh start

I got up early this morning but instead of going for a bike ride or paying the bills, I cleaned the patio.

Our patio really is like another room in our house now and it definitely gets messed up like all the rest.  Today it was full of rotten tomatoes (my tomatoes got blossom rot), a slimy pool, bolted plants, random kitchen toys (the kids have been playing Krusty Krab for days), piles of sand and clothespins everywhere (I showed them that drop the clothespin into the jug game one day out of severe boredom). 

It's almost criminal not to enjoy it...I'd better get out there before everyone is awake.

I love mornings and I love fresh starts...on so many levels.


EDITED TO ADD:  As I was opening the sliding door with my coffee in hand, Nicky woke up.  :)  xoxo


  1. hi honey....why not have daddy's head showing too? He looked like a Beatle back then :)

  2. Love the header and your patio. So cozy! Love auntie Kristy


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