home makeover: jewelry frame edition

I got out the spray paint  my favorite spray paint (Krylon Hosta Leaf) the other day and changed things up a little.

I like it soooooo much better.  I guess I'd say I love it.
The background is a blue pinstriped fabric.
The light in my room is awful for pictures in the morning but they'll do.  I want to cover the whole wall above my sewing machine (which is in our bedroom again) with things I love.

This is a pretty good start.

Here are some pictures from a movie night we had last week.  We watched Rio...pretty cute movie.
 He sat like this for about 3 minutes.  He was naked.  :)

This weekend was both good and boring.  I suppose they can't all be full of beer tents and fireworks, can they?  :)  James had a friend over (hours of star wars Wii), we cleaned the basement and garage, I took Ruby for a haircut and school clothes shopping and did lots of yard work.  This morning I feel sleepy but happy.

Vacation week!  :)



  1. I liked the frame before, but I like it more now!


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