I am considering signing up for bootcamp but don't mention it in this post

so, yeah.  I kind of hate the header like this and am working on a new one.  Don't get me wrong, I love the picture, but I've never liked huge headers.  (sorry Mom!)  :)

Here are some pictures:
at the zoo with cousins:

 moments after I said he never fell asleep in his stroller:
 love his little dirty knees:
 devil's lake has so much room to explore:

 can you spot all of my family?
 pool changing room:
 yesterday morning when I told him he couldn't have a cookie:
 so mad!
The kids had their last day of VBS yesterday and I think they really had a good time.  (so did I.)  ;)  They sang some songs for us at the end of the day yesterday and then there was a pot luck that I ditched out of early to get to water aerobics.  Wendy took one for the team and stayed to let the kids finish eating and bring mine home.  (thank you!!)  I wasn't in the mood to bake so I made these banana bites which look delicious, right?  I thought they were pretty good but I only had the sunbutter with flaxseed in it so I don't think many kids liked them.  heehee.  Sorry kids.  Someday you will appreciate your flaxseed.

Ruby being at VBS for 3 days means I had a 3 day vacation from the neighbor boy.  It has been good for me to see my visitors' reactions to his behavior this summer as it tells me it's not just me...the kid is a handful!  And guess what?  My hands are already full so it's been challenging, to say the least.  I plan to get us out somewhere today so hopefully I won't have to deal with him too much.  (I know it sounds awful, Ruby loves him and he can be a very sweet kid, but he gets into everything and doesn't listen to me AT ALL...a bad combo.)

I haven't made coffee yet but I did spend some time with Joyce Meyer and God earlier.  I really like her new-ish devotion book (just got it from the library) but always wish they were longer.  I opened up to today's page and it was about obedience.  Very fitting for me this week but it didn't surprise me.  That's how God rolls.  Does anyone have a devotional book they'd like to recommend?  I'd really appreciate some suggestions.  

Nicky just started calling for me in that special way he has.  Time to start my engines....



  1. Thanks honey......so fun to see the entire picture again even for a little while......kiss kiss mom


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