last friday afternoon

It was obvious last Friday that we needed to get out.

When the call finally came that the van was fixed I think I shrieked with joy.  It was late in the day so I decided to take the kids to a new playground I had heard about.  (it's at a public school in Verona)
Duluth has one of these and I think they are so cool.  I know there are others in our area but none close to us.  My kids thought it was awesome!

After they were done playing we wandered all over the school grounds letting Nicky be the leader. 

I think it must be good to be Nicholas.  Most of the time he has lots of faces over him, smiling.  We sure do love our littlest one.



  1. That playground looks like lots of fun!! What is the bubbly pink stuff all over your floor and your smallest child?

  2. some bubble paint experiment. I will post about it soon...ours didn't work out but it could potentially be so cute!


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