late friday morning

Did you see my earlier post?  That was some zucchini, wasn't it?  It's fun to have friends and neighbors with green thumbs.  Personally, I am happy to be out from under the oppressive (not very green) thumb of my container garden.  :)

My food processor made quick work of shredding that bad boy and 2 loaves of zucchini bread are already in the oven.  I was going to make some brownies (still have about 4 C. left) but am out of sugar.  dang.  I will pick some up later because I don't want to let any of this good stuff go to waste.

The starter is going out on the van but it took them all day yesterday and then some time this morning to diagnose.  Of course it was starting just fine every time they tried it!  It finally acted up for them, they figured it out, and we should get it back this afternoon.  Yesterday was a loooooooooong day at home but we survived.

I woke up feeling like myself again this morning.  My energy has been so low all week.  I wonder why some months I have PMS so bad and others, it's like nothing?  With no significant diet or exercise changes...what causes that??  I know, I know, I should get an IUD.  ;)  We are still considering options (as far as birth control) but feel closer to a decision.  (or is that closer to an incision?  only time will tell.)

We have a fun family adventure planned for tomorrow and I am excited.  If all goes as planned James will be eating a cupcake from here after lunch.  :)

Have a great Friday!  xoxo


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