Last Saturday we headed out (not very) bright and early for Milwaukee. Our destination was the Discovery World museum and it did not disappoint.

Teresa first told me about this museum and that it is FREE if you have a Madison Children's Museum Family Plus membership.  (with one visit to the Madison museum and this visit on Saturday, our membership has nearly paid for itself already.)

One half of the building is an aquarium, which Ruby especially loved.  We (Patrick and I) were anxious for some fresh air by this point so we only looked at half of it.
We'll definitely go back, so no worries.

We happened to be there during some big air show so we got the added bonus of roaring jets overhead for a while.  The kids loved it. 
I mainly loved this view.
After the air show, Nicky fell asleep.  He was such a good boy all day.  This was his first 5:00pm.
There are 2 large fountains outside of Discovery World and it's neighbor, The Milwaukee Art Museum.  They are joined by this long strip of mini much fun!

After the kids changed into dry clothes we saw some of the Third Ward and found the Honeypie Cafe.

Honeypie was darling.  I would love to eat there sometime but we were only after their vegan cupcakes this visit.  Sadly, they were sold out by the time we got there.  (James didn't know the cupcakes were a possibility at this point so he wasn't upset.)  (and they actually had one pistachio rose water one left but I didn't think that would go over very well.  James is a chocolate kid.)  Next time I will call and have them save some for us.  There are bakeries in Madison that make vegan cupcakes now (Bloom and Daisy Cafe) but they all use peanuts in their bakeries and Honeypie doesn't.  Their regular cupcakes looked amazing...I can't wait to try them next time we are in town.  They did have some yummy vegan blueberry crumble pie available but I couldn't really see handing each of the kids a slice of pie for the ride home.  :)

I loved this day.  It felt like such a "big outing" for us but went so smoothly.  I loved Milwaukee because it is beautiful and on the lake (which reminds me of home - Duluth) but also because it has a cool, big city vibe but at the same time feels very accessible and friendly.  I can't wait to go back!



  1. Wonderful pictures honey....I would love to visit this place, and the art museum, too. Glad you all had such a good day, well, except for the unfortunate cupcake thing :). Love you all...mama

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed that Discovery World museum. It IS great, isn't it? Have you been to the Betty Brinn children's museum (practically across the street from D.W.)? Your next trip you must. Also included in your Madison membership.

    I lived in Milw for 10 months about 20 years ago, and I feel like I barely know it. I DO barely know it, actually.

    I smiled when I saw that picture of the lake and figured it reminded you of Duluth. The great lakes are pretty great, aren't they? :)


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