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Today my floors are sticky and my nose is sneez-y.  My kids either won't stop eating or won't eat at all.  My babysitter canceled and we're all out of groceries.  We all need a bath and I didn't do the dishes after dinner last night.  My skin feels clammy and my coffee is cold.

Today is one of those days where I slept as late as my kids.  Instead of doing the normal morning kid routine leisurely, I need to scramble to get caught up and right in the head without even getting my morning routine done yet.  It's a large price to pay for staying up late watching Bachelor Pad (LOVE the PAD) and 2 hours of Intervention.  (sigh.)  And then I was so hot last night (our room is the stuffiest) and Patrick asked me if I wanted to spoon.  Gag.  He wrapped his big hot body around mine and I almost threw up.  Now that is love.   :)  (he was tormenting me, btw, not really dying for a spoon.)

I feel lighter now that I got all of that off of my chest.  (and Wendy is helping out with the babysitting today...thank God.)  I've got a few more minutes so I'll show you what I did yesterday.  I started this project over a year ago (in my head) after I did it in Nicholas' room.  I pulled my favorite fabrics last week telling myself to just go with it...they didn't need to match.  I only ended up switching out one of them - a gingham - because yes, I love me some gingham, but it is kind of boring.

I laid them out a few different times but ended up deciding how they would go as I banged in the nails yesterday.  I LOVE IT.  Love.  These are some of my very favorite fabrics...most were thrifted, 2 were new, and 4 are vintage.  They are on one of our bedroom walls.

Patrick loves them as much as I do.  (kidding.)

Also, Nicky is definitely using his power for evil:  (yes, those are scissors in his hand.  sigh.)

And, finally, here is the most delicious lunch EVER.  I ate it 3 times last week and am mourning it this one.  I need to hit a Farmer's Market for more tomatoes and cukes as my neighbors' supply seems to be dwindling.

It was cold quinoa (cooked in chicken broth) with olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers and salt and pepper.  A hard boiled egg, laughing cow cheese wedge and some pretzel sticks rounded it out.  SO delicious and about 300 calories.  yum yum yum.


Yesterday after Wendy offered to watch my kids, I offered to watch hers this morning for a couple of hours.  I kinda forgot about it (as she wasn't sure yesterday) until she called this morning.  Um, can you say ill-prepared?  It worked out for the best because I had 30 minutes and got my house all picked up...the dishes done, the laundry put away, more laundry started, blah, blah, blah and now it's done!  The kids are playing outside and I am going to finally have some breakfast and more (hot) coffee.



  1. ohh...he's a climber.... I hear "I didn't mean to Ruby asked me to get it" in your future!

  2. i love the fabric collage and the pictures of your looks like they are from a magazine. the muted colors and that dresser are gorgeous, glad u had such a great weekend. xoxo,

  3. for sure, kari. I am scared. :)

    thank you, Sarah! xoxoxo


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