the return

We are back! 

I loved being gone the last week of summer but will make sure I have all my school stuff ready before I leave next year.  Holy busy, batman.  School forms/supplies/back to school night coupled with house-guest preparation (cleaning, unpacking, groceries, laundry) nearly killed me yesterday.  I survived, however, and am feeling much more in control today.  (Patrick helped out a lot after work last night, thank God.)  I can't wait to see Cheryl and her family later!  :)  We are all so excited!

Our mini-vacation was wonderful.  Duluth graced us with beautiful weather which is not something you ever take for granted in Duluth.  We had lots of fun as a family and I was once again reminded (not that I ever forget) how wonderful my family of origin is.  I got to see my aunties, cousins, baby cousins, parents, was so wonderful.  We are so blessed.

I'll show you one geeky tourist thing we did and ended up loving... 

Beginning of the ride:  (James actually sat between us because he couldn't really reach the pedals yet.  Next year!)
 End of the ride...Nicky was fast asleep.  So sweet.  We saw Ruby start to put her arm around him and cuddling him and then he was just asleep.  I love how he is still holding on.
(Patrick and I went again on our date night.)  :)

Hope you are all well and enjoyed our last week of August, 2011!



  1. I am so proud to be a member of your -family of origin.
    Love seeing you and your awesome kids. Did Nicky ask for me? Enjoy your company this week and back to school. Love you....A. Kristy


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