survivor: august

I am a bit nervous about this new month, friends.  But I'm actually not as nervous as I was last week so I won't dwell on the past.

This summer has been challenging in part due to Nicholas' thirst for adventure and also because of his nap habit.  Don't get me wrong, I admire both of these qualities in a baby but they do make life harder.  Especially when there are 2 older kids dying to do older kid stuff and it's just not possible with only one mama.  Nicky naps every afternoon (sometimes still twice a day but mostly once now) and while we can sometimes get away with pushing that way back, we can also sometimes not.  That leaves the mornings for activities but we've had swimming lessons every day at 10:30 for the last 7 weeks.  Fun but also a big bummer as it's right in the middle of the morning.

With this last month of summer stretching out ahead of us I was feeling a bit of panic.  I feel so bad for James and Ruby (and myself having to deal with a very bored James and Ruby) when we are home all afternoon while Nicky naps.  Some down time is essential but too much of it leads to fist fights and biting.  (not naming any names but one of them is awfully close to getting voted off our island.)  I decided the only thing to do was to bail out on the last 2 weeks of swimming.  And I feel so much better!  Our schedule is totally up to us now!  We can get out and do whatever in the morning, come home for nap and they can have some down time then.  Yay! 

They are also going to vacation bible school at a local church this week for 3 afternoons and James will probably do a skate board camp next week for 3 mornings.  Between this stuff, park dates, bike rides, an afternoon trip to the pool or two (by getting a sitter for Nicky), Patrick taking a week off...the month isn't looking so scary after all.

I've felt so torn because I don't want the summer fun to end but on the other hand...I kind of do.  I think a fresh approach is going to help us all enjoy this last month together and I feel grateful for the things I've come up with.  Also, temps in the 80s would really be nice.  (if you are listening, Lord.)

So now it's time to spill it:  Are you loving summer home with your kids or is it a bit challenging for you?  Please be honest, please.  :)  If it is challenging, what are you doing to survive?


p.s.  Everyone is still sleeping so I might write another post about our super fun cousin visit and weekend.  Or I might just make some coffee and enjoy the quiet.  :)


  1. It is challenging to plan summer activities everyday when your kids are different ages. That's nothing to feel bad about - that's why mom's love teachers!

  2. We are having good days and bad days (just like me). I got online to find something for us to do today and started reading blogs insed. ...... back to working on plans for the week:)

  3. Our million dollar reward will come on September 1 when those 5 year olds of ours start KINDERGARTEN! AHH!!!!!

    Yes, summer is a challenge every year for me but August seems to go pretty smoothly. On some level, I think we all know it's going to end soon. Oh, and our week vacation together helps too!

    I've grown to really love August. There is something about the quality of the late afternoon sunlight that is just so lovely and delicate. If I were a writer, I'd love to write a song or a poem about it. Or paint a picture of it.

    I am very chatty today with not much to say!

    You weren't looking for advice, but I'm glad to see that you eliminated swimming lessons from your schedule. I cope the best when our schedule is loosest. I worry at the beginning of summer with the idea of unscheduled time, but we just sort of just figure it out. It's so nice to be free and open to whatever catches our fancy for the day.

    Whenever things get really dicey, I try to get the kids into some sort of water - either the pool or the sprinkler or a water balloon fight or something. Their moods instantly lift, and then mine does too.

    And speaking of, we are off to the pool! The mood is shifting! Pool bound R us!!!!


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