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The house is silent.  I've exercised and showered but still have to make the coffee.  What are you doing?  How was your weekend?

My weekend was all kinds of awesome.  It started with surprising our kids at 9:00 Friday night by telling them to put their shoes on...we're going to see some fireworks!  They had no was so cute.  James was like, "REALLY???"  :)  It was Community Picnic weekend here in our small town and the fireworks were the kick off.

The picnic is normally at a park by the river but they are doing all sorts of upgrades and work on that park this summer so the picnic was at another park just a few blocks away from us.  (instead of the 5 blocks that the other one is...yes, this is a small town.  :)  )  I loved having it so close.

On Saturday morning (well... at 11:30) James and I went for a bike ride.  After a while he headed for home and I took off down the trail for another half an hour.  It was gorgeous and still had a bit of that delicious chill in the air.  After lunch and a shower I took the big kids back over to the picnic while Nicky napped.  I told Patrick we'd probably be gone a couple of hours...we got home nearly 6 hours later.  It was so fun!  First the kids bounced in the inflatables they had set up and then we spent some time watching turtle races before getting a snack and sitting in the beer tent to listen to the band.  James decided to go home after a while (music was too loud) but Ruby and I stayed for quite a while.  She loved the live was so cute.  (sitting there eating salty popcorn and sipping a cold beer with her was perfect.  love.)  A while later we went to find our friends who were grilling ribs for the competition.  Ruby ran off to play with her friends and I just relaaaaaaaaxed.  happy sigh. Right after judging the heavens opened up and there was a DOWNPOUR.  Everyone ran to the (luckily huge) beer tent and we spent the rest of the afternoon dancing and talking and dashing in and out of the rain.  (that was Ruby, not me.)  We finally left for home during a break in the rain and I called Wendy to see if she wanted to go back down later for some more dancing and beer but she couldn't make it.  I guess that worked out for the best because I heard later that the band (different from the day time one) wasn't that good.  When we got home Patrick and I made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and the kids danced around the nearly dark living was one of those perfect moments that makes you want to stop and have it linger on for a while.  As icing on the cake, the big kids were invited next door for movie night.  They didn't get home until 11:00pm...Ruby walked up to my room, fell onto the bed and was asleep almost instantly.  We didn't have the heart to move her.

Sunday morning was church, then lunch and a quick clean up of the house before the sitter came at 3:00.  (we go to 11:15 church so our day is half over by the time we're out...we like not rushing in the morning, though.)  Patrick and I went to see Harry Potter (his choice so I get next choice!) and had a coffee at was so nice.  Patrick commented that the movie was hard to see and I said it was probably just for effect.  It wasn't.  When we got out they gave us all a free ticket for another movie some time.  Pretty nice for something I barely noticed.  When we got home Patrick spearheaded a giant toy sort (??) while I mowed part of the lawn.

I have to tell you, I love going to bed at night.  It is one of my favorite parts of the day as funny as that sounds.  I love sinking into our comfy bed with the room dark and the house quiet.  I love going over the things I was thankful for that day in my head...offering up another thank you for them feels so appropriate and necessary and that is usually how I fall asleep - mid-thought/prayer.  How is my life this good?  How is it so full of things that make me so happy?  I am so blessed. 

I had an extra lot to think over at bedtime this weekend.


p.s.  I started this so early and just finished it now at 2:42pm.  :)


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