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Dudes.  I need a new header.  I mean, I love this one, from the tray my mom made, but I'm a bit sick of it.  Thinking...thinking...

So, how are you?  I am refreshed and not nearly as zombie-like as I was yesterday.  I slept in this morning and it felt goo-oood. (and now I just slept for 2 hours and feel even better.)

I am paying for it now, though.  My children are so demanding in the morning with their hunger and wet diapers and blah blah blah.  (little did I know that demanding would turn into balls-out chaos.)

(heeheehee.)  (ha.  ha.  ha.)

So, anyways.  Last Tuesday was the most effed up day I've had in a looooooong time.  It was kind of awful but did have a couple of bright spots, one of them being my cousins arriving late that night.

We pretty much stayed in our PJs until around 2pm on Wednesday just talking and drinking coffee and occasionally yelling at the children.  (not the babies)  That night we went to water aerobics and had pie...quite nice.  The next day was spent at the zoo, which was also fun except for when Ruby told me I was ugly.  (OH NO SHE DIDN'T!)  They ended up leaving that night so they could make their 5 hour journey with 3 tired kids instead of 3 lively ones the next morning.  It was so good to see them all.  I have the best cousins.  Seriously.  I hope to go there soon and see the one who couldn't make it and her sweet new(ish) baby girl.

James ended up enjoying scout camp but not enough to go back on Friday.  Patrick was off and while having our morning coffee at 10:30am, we decided to head to Devil's Lake.  We pulled into the parking lot up there at 4:30.  haha!  Between Nicky's nap, lunch, packing up and a stop at Target it took us forever to arrive.  It ended up being the perfect time, though...still hot enough to swim but cooling off enough to enjoy ourselves afterwards.

Saturday morning was BOOTCAMP.  Bootcamp made me sweat and made me angry and made me tired.  I was tired allllllll day so luckily Patrick was down with trading off nap-times.  It was hard work, you guys.  I hated the running but could do everything at least.  (barely.  holding the plank position balanced on a single wheel between my feet was a barely.)  On Sunday all of the kids were sick so Patrick stayed home with them and I went to church (had to volunteer or probably would have skipped) and then got groceries.  I was super crabby when I got home (and sore but a good stretch took care of that) and Patrick asked if maybe I had PMS.  HA!  That man is brilliant.  Luckily we were invited over to our friends' pool for the rest of the day.  Man, that felt good.  Yesterday was great...the kids had their first day of VBS from 1-5.  4 hours of quiet was just what the doctor ordered.  After I picked them up I went to water aerobics and Wendy came!  So fun!  And my neighbor came up, too.  Wendy and Kaylin (neighbor) brought their kids, including my kid James, to watch and swim afterwards.  They all sat on the picnic tables and watched us like we do (did) for them every day at swim lessons.  Very funny.  After that it was home for 3 hours of quality television via The Bachelorette.  The whole thing with Ben just killed me.  ouch.  Poor buddy.  Today was good but included a huge 45 minute siege with Ruby that just sucked the life out of me.  Not screaming takes a lot more energy than screaming, fyi.  We recovered though, and had some nice art time before VBS.  Why can't VBS be all summer, Wendy and I wondered.  sigh.  So I just got up from a 2 hour nap and am now mentally prepared for the children to return.  Oh yeah, and Nicky is a piece of work right now.  He has a cold and is popping his first molar on top of that.  Poor kid.  I need to get him some Tylenol for tonight.  These long nights are especially hard on me this week.  I've also been going for long bike rides every morning.  The End.

I know my brother will hate this picture-free post so here is one to tide him over:

You might never guess that I haven't been riding carousels with babies for 7.5 years now.  I look pretty happy.  Thank you, Sarah.  (also - that is a light shining on my head, not a gray spot.  and - I finally colored my hair!  Hallelujiah!)

hang in there, friends.  xoxo

p.s.  words in purple are my afternoon reflections on what I wrote this morning.


  1. Balls out chaos!!! HAHAHAHAHA i love it! I want to say that sometime, and i LOVE that pic of you and Nicky!x0x0 seester, ps did you notice how dad said seester in his fb post, cute eh?


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