au contraire, mon frère

Lest you think of me (if you do such a thing) here all by myself, enjoying the sunshine and cool air through my open window...

My babysitter texted me yesterday that she was very sick.  No biggie.  I knew this kind of thing would happen (both ways) all year.  There's always next Thursday!  (Lord willing.) 

Last night Nicky* woke up at 2:30am for a bit of milk from mama.  (I am thinking of cutting him off from this soon but am still hoping he will stop on his own.  He is showing signs in that direction, thankfully.)  I had a hard time falling back to sleep but was right on the edge at about 3:00am when James woke up and lumbered into our room complaining his throat hurt.  Sure enough, he had a fever.  I got him set up between Patrick and I and went to fetch some Tylenol.  (he still drinks the liquid kind.  anyone else's 7 year old do this?)  He was tossing and turning and moaning and finally decided to go sleep on the couch.  I got him set up down there and collapsed into bed at about 4:00am.  My body was just floating in that dreamy near-ohsonear-sleep state when I heard Nicky again.  sigh.  I got up and did a little rocking (sorry baby, dairy bar is closed) and laid him down again at around 4:20.  I then slept blissfully for a full 3 hours until Miss Ruby climbed on top of me with her chilly little body and (not so bad) morning breath. 

So here I am on Thursday with 2 kids and we've had a really nice day.  James has been lying on the couch watching TV/reading/dozing all day and Nicky and I have gone about our Nicky and I business.  I am trying out a new (high heat) chicken roasting recipe and have a date upstairs with some vintage magazines in a few minutes. 

Yesterday I took the small boy to Picnic Point and Whole Foods.  We had a lovely walk and got suckered into buying some delicious (and pricey) cheese.  But just a bit.  I need some good beer and bread to go along with that cheese.  mmmmmm.  I might grate a little over our baked potatoes tonight. 

*about Nicky.  Ruby started calling him Nicky a while back and now we all do.  I still call him mr. pickles sometimes and James calls him straight up pickles.  Now Ruby started calling him Bubba and James is, too.  I also call him nicker-bopper and popper-bopper and little nicky noodle.  it's sick.  ALSO,  I know full well that he resembles the little dutch boy with that hair:

but we are not sure what to do with him.  We got it cut 3 weeks ago!  The kid has a lot of hair.



  1. Nicky (love it) is seriously cute. LIke, illegally cute. (not sure what that means - just trying to convey how super-duper-cute I think he is).

    Love the idea of a walk in Picnic Point. I was home with my "sick" boy yesterday - could've joined you!

    I love hearing about your days.

  2. love the widdle nicker! :) What sweet words for me. thank you. I feel the same way about yours, you know.


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