bad art to blackboard

My sincerest apologies to whoever painted this
but I just wasn't feeling it.  I did like the shape of your canvas, however, so I scooped it up at the Dig last week.  I gave it a couple coats of blackboard paint this week and finally primed it with chalk this afternoon.  How fun!  I was searching through Pinterest and this list of C.S. Lewis quotes for the first quote this afternoon but couldn't really find the right thing.  I didn't want to put Patrick off with anything too girly or "deep" (or, you know, confusing to him) so it was kind of hard.  Then it hit me.  The perfect words (word, really) for my husband:

hahahhaha!  I can easily change it to "no way" if the afternoon wears me down.  heehee.

Yesterday afternoon nearly killed me.  I was soooooo bored!  James stayed home again, ruining my coffee date (sob), but does have strep throat so I was glad I let him.  (he felt better at first this morning, with his throat a "little" 8:30am he said it was really sore so I called the doc.)  We did stop at Target on the way home (but I forgot poster putty!  gah!) so I had a little bit of a people fix.

Happy weekend to you all, near and far.



  1. leave it on 'no way' because surprises are always nice! ; )


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