big rig thing

I really want to go on and on and on about myself but i can't right now. Instead I will share with you these pictures from the weekend before last. Teresa told me about this big rig event at the Goodman pool in Madison where kids could climb all over a ton of different trucks. James wasn't interested but Nicky and Ruby loved it. An added bonus was the open and empty swimming cool to be in it with no water!


  1. WOW! How weird to see our pool with people in it with no water. I've always wanted the kids to get a perspective of how deep the pool truly is -- too bad the world didn't work out for us to come by also. (honestly, I had forgotten all about it, but Enzo was at his first sleepvoer!!!!!! and then we had football, football, football the rest of the day) It would have been fun to see you too. Bummer.

    Glad the Big Rig event was worth your time!

    I was just thinking about figuring out a time to get together with you and your kids now that the weather is turning bad. I'm always sort of on the lookout of a way to get out of the house on Sundays so Alex can watch the Packers play in peace. Would you be up for a children's museum rendezvous some Sunday?


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