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I am sad today.  I spoke with a friend yesterday who is going through such a hard time and it's really stayed with me.  You can't shake a sadness like this so I am trying to embrace it and have it push me towards prayer.  Every time she comes to my mind, tears come to my eyes.  Please pray for this woman and her family if you can.  Thank you.


I forgot to mention yesterday that Nicky says bye (sounds like "buh") and waves his little hand all the time now.  He has such a deep baby voice.  He says buh to his penis when we put his diaper on.  He says buh to the trucks that pass us on our walks.  He says buh to daddy and James and Ruby.  He also lifts up his shirt, shows me his belly, then lowers his shirt and signs "where".  He will hide something in a totally obvious spot and sign where.  He will pull his shirt down over his penis and sign where.

Babies/big boys are awesome.

Really big boys are also awesome.  James was pretty wily this summer, excelling in patience testing.  Since school started he is back to how he used to be.  Oh my gosh, it's good.  I think he was either A) sick of Ruby B) sick of me C) bored out of his mind or D) needed some routine like his mama.  Most likely it was a combo of all 4.  He still gets sassy but he has been overall so wonderful to be around lately.  I told him so last night and he gave me the biggest hug and mentioned he might need some new Lego pieces.

Did he plan this all out??  :)  I don't care, I'll take it.

I feel like I should mention something about Ruby now.  Last night Ruby really tested my patience...to the tune of screaming at the top of her lungs, "I AM SO DUMB.  I LOVE YOU.  I AM SO DUMB. I LOVE YOU."  for 30 minutes in her room.  Oh dear.  A weaker woman would have kicked her to the curb.  :)  My favorite thing about Ruby right now is when she comes up and tells me what she's thinking about.  Her little thoughts are complex and sweet and funny and slightly dark all at the same time.  What would I do without my Ruby?

I wish you all happy days.  Please pray for my friend and give extra thanks for your own families today, too.  xoxo


  1. Prayed for your friend and will continue. She is already blessed to have you as her friend. XOXO A. Kristy


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