I can't think of post titles for the life of me

Something occurred to me this morning. James has been so much calmer and sweeter and generally more agreeable since school started, right? He also hasn't played the WII or computer since we were in Duluth in August. He might watch 30 minutes of TV after school but not even that on most days. (they make up for it on the weekends, trust me.) Could this lack of technology be playing into his better attitude? I bet it's at least part of it.  He has to write 78 more sentences of "I will listen to my parents" before he gets WII/computer privileges back. I kind of hope he doesn't ever get to it. :) (that was his punishment in Duluth for being particularly naughty one day...100 sentences. He's (bitterly) done 22 so far. ha!) So anyways. Here is James with one of his famous sandwiches:
(bologna, roast beef, pepperoni, salami, pickles and mayo on a hoagie)

Here is Nicky with our little friend that was over yesterday.  They are so cute together.  (makes me miss our cousins!)
And here is Ruby at Daisy Scouts last night:
(I am most excited to meet my friends for a beer during the one hour daisy scout meetings each month!)  :)

Sweet stuff, all of it.

Thank you for praying for my friend.  Please keep her in your prayers if you can.  Her life has been totally shaken up this week and she needs lots of extra love. 

I called another babysitter this morning and we'll talk again later today.  It looks like they could take Nicky on Monday or Friday, if I like them.  Our neighbor girl goes there so he'd be with someone familiar again, which I like.  I am curious of the other kids' ages and how many there are.  I'll have to remember to ask her that.  It's not as close as my neighbor was but it's still only a mile away.  As much as I knew I didn't want him at my neighbor's house anymore, the idea of not having that day was bumming me out, too.

I am thinking of joining in with the Nester and doing a theme for the month of October with posts every day.  My idea was to do 31 small things you can do each day to make your life a little bit better.  These would not be earth shattering revolutions but just a gathering of all the things that I really feel make me happier and healthier (whether I do them or not!  ha!)  Is this something any of you would be interested in?  Please let me know if you would be, I'd love to hear from you.

Nicky and I are going grocery shopping in a while.  He did so awesome last time but the store had truck carts and today's store doesn't.  Wish me luck!  (there might be cookies involved.)



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