I hate to make it sound like all I did yesterday was lay around and watch TV.  Who would believe it, anyways?  It's all I did while Nicky was napping, though, so I was forced to actually make dinner at dinner time.  That can be tricky.  Nicky wants to be outside with the big kids then (which I can usually oblige if I've already prepped dinner earlier) so he was not happy yesterday to be stuck in the kitchen with me.  I had to think fast and ended up opening a large bag of beautiful beans that I hadn't made yet.  He loved them and they kept him (and Ruby, for a time) busy for quite a while. 

Of course it ended like this:

Toddlers require a special sort of creativity/thinking that feels very rusty to me.

It will come back, right?  Good thing I have this blog to look back on and see what a fun parent I used to be.  :) 

I got to help out at Ruby's classroom yesterday and enjoyed seeing her in her new habitat and helping her teacher out a little bit.

Yesterday her teacher leans over to me and says, "Ruby really is different than James, isn't she?"   


She then told me how the kids were supposed to draw a picture of them doing something they like.  When she got to Ruby she had her explain her drawing because she wasn't sure she was seeing it right.  Sadly, she was. 

Ruby had clearly drawn herself kicking James right in a pair of babboon-like butt cheeks.  (she also pointed out later that he has NIPPLES and underwear on his tshirt but she saved that part just for me, Thank God.)  Trudi (the teacher) suggested that surely Ruby must enjoy doing something else with her brother?  No, Ruby said, just kicking his butt.  Well, she couldn't really write "kicking James' butt" on her paper so she diplomatically filled in "playing."  God bless her.  She has no idea what lies ahead.  :)

I need to go mainline some coffee now and get this Wednesday party started!  woo hoo!

(kidding.  kind of.)



  1. Oh come on it would be just fine if all you did do yesterday was watch TV .... we all need a break every once and a while:)............................................................................................................oops sorry dreaming of sitting and watching TV all day...........ahhhhhhhh.

    Love the drawing, so Ruby (in a sweet way that is.)

  2. I laughed so hard at Ruby's drawing...oh so honest! Bless her heart, tough girl....and my favorite part was how she drew James' butt! Haha


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